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About Us

Ever since I was young, I had been doing a lot of work with technology. I was in awe at the kinds of things you could do with just some skill and code. Shortly after I hit my teens (and my growth spurt), I started to design my own websites. At first it was for silly stuff, like showing off my favorite video games, bands, and TV shows, but eventually I got serious. I was so good at that age that I even started to help other people make their web pages! I was even doing work for my school’s website. My best friend Jen from the states, who was also very interested in website design, encouraged me to take my talent to the next level. We both went to the University of Milan where we got our Master in Web and Digital Design, and eventually went back to Sliema to set up shop.

My company isn’t the biggest website design company out there, but honestly, I prefer it that way. Not only is my 18-person a lot closer than a company with hundreds of employees (a couple of my good friends are working for me), it makes for a more solidly operating company where in a matter of minutes everyone can be made privy to the activities and requests of everyone else. Here are some of the comments that I squeezed out of the staff:

Jen – “Working here has been amazing! The pay is great, the hours are great, and my co-workers are a blast to work with.”
Rosa – “Everyone works so hard to help one another out, it’s almost like a second family! But don’t tell my first family, okay?”
Roberto – “I picked up this job as a last resort after going without for so long, and now all I can think about is how fortunate I went with my gut on this one! I wouldn’t trade it for any other job.”
Giovanni – “When I was on the job hunt, my friend recommended this place to me. I was really into website design, so it was super cool to find a place for me to put my skills to work, especially at a company that jives with me so much!”

At Fotec, we put the utmost priority into ensuring that the websites that we design are designed with the newest of technologies. We also make sure that our staff is able to tackle just about any problem that faces them. It doesn’t matter if the website calls for us to design it in HTML5 or in CSS3, we are ready for any challenge that is thrown our way.

As you may guess from other pages on this website, we specialize in designing websites for online gambling establishments. We have been a particularly popular choice for a lot of them in the area, with us not only finding ourselves with a lot of repeat customers, but also having our good work lead to strong word of mouth that brings in all new customers (sometimes ones not even affiliated with the gambling industry)! The websites are designed in such a way that makes them not only efficient and simple for visitors to navigate and come to understand information, but also in a way that makes the design appealing and alluring, enough so that visitors will want to stay and check out all of the cool stuff they can experience. While you do not want to overwhelm visitors with too gaudy a design, you also do not want to create a design that makes visitors feel bored of the website (there are extremes in both directions to avoid!).

Not only do we offer quality websites at a reasonable price, we also offer excellent insight that can help gambling website owners to gain a better understanding of how their website works, how to drive and maintain traffic to their website, and perhaps even to help them understand the ins and outs of their website! We are proud to have been able to improve the designs of websites for gambling companies ranging from LeoVegas to Mr Green to Betsson. One of our top priorities – aside from of course our desire to make money and keep operating – is to try and help bolster the tourism industry in Sliema and neighboring cities. Nothing brings us happiness more than seeing local businesses thrive due to the work we put into their websites. Not only do we create websites, we can also fix them – so if your website has a few screws loose, we can come in and give them a firm tightening!